The decision to rent out an investment property requires paperwork and complicated marketing strategies. You want to quickly find a tenant, but you also need to maintain the property and address potential challenges a tenant may face. At Real Estate Plus, Inc. DBA Management Services, we provide property management services to simplify the process and make it easier to focus on other goals and interests.

Our team handles the details of the rental process. We market the property, manage the paperwork and connect with responsible tenants. When potential tenants apply for a rental space, we run a credit check on the individual to ensure they meet your standards. We also handle emergency repairs or maintenance when tenants report a concern or problem.

Let us handle the process of renting out space. Use our online system to keep up with your properties and the details of the rental spaces. Our team listens to your goals and considers your standards before renting out space to a local resident. Allow us to provide the return on your investment that you expect.